As you might of noticed this blog has not been updated in quite a while….  I have deleted all the old content and plan to start fresh as soon as I finish with Field Day…

For the most part it will be about urban QRP Portable outings but there will be some CISA and SOTA stuff as well…

CU early in July





10 thoughts on “SURVIVORHAM

  1. Steve says:

    Keep up the good work! I enjoy reading your blog.

    Steve W6EOD

  2. va3qv says:

    Thanks Steve… This blog is really for the Portable style ops…QRP or even QRO… I noticed your blog has some info on the FYBO but the pictures looked like you were pretty warm…


  3. Steve says:

    Yes you are right. We don’t get too much cold weather here. I think we did get one night of 23 degrees farenheit weather. HAM radio in the field is much more enjoyable for me than in the house. I try to get out often. We recently went to the highest point in Florida for the March PBMME. I posted pictures on the blog. Keep up the great work!

    Steve W6EOD

  4. clydeguy says:

    Hi Bob,
    I used to be QRP with an HW-8 in Kemptville but now I have “moved up” to a TenTec 1340 kit that I just finished. Now I actually have 4 watts instead of 800mW that mt Heathkit put out. I hope to spend a lot of time “out of doors” once the weather improves some. Perhaps I will do some cold weather outdoor work. Will have to see.

    72 de Scott VE3VVF

  5. Eddie ZS6BNE says:

    Hi Bob,

    Thanks for two really excellent WebLogs. Be sure I’ll be visiting regularly to read your interesting articles.

    73 Eddie ZS6BNE

  6. Ray says:

    I enjoy your blog and I too do all of my ham radio in various parks where I live in Florida. I love it, great fun and I meet interesting people.

  7. Damien says:

    That looks cold….

  8. Eddie ZS6BNE says:

    Hi Bob,

    Please see my WebLog. The RaDAR logo has been updated.

    73 Eddie ZS6BNE

  9. Hey Bob,
    I saw your nice video on Youtube. I still have a soft spot for the FT-817.
    So, when are you going to fire up the SurvivorHam blog once again?

    72 de David, VK2DMH

    • VA3QV says:

      There should be a couple of “Winter Events” here in Canada that might get in that blog. My medical issues don’t let me do as much as I used to in the great outdoors. I have done a few park outings and have mentioned them on my other blog ( but they are more a couple hours in the afternoon rather than anything that comes close to a dxpeddition

      Thanks for your comments


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